The Web & The Mayor

The Web & The Mayor
Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 16 april 2008

There’s been a lot discussed about the use of the web by US presidential hopefuls. Barack Obama and his ‘fans’ have been leveraging every aspect of Web 2.0 web. The BBC reports that in the UK, candidates for the Mayor of London like Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson have been trying their hand too:

The internet suits Mr Livingstone’s combative campaigning style – allowing him unlimited space to settle scores with rival candidates. He recently used a YouTube video to hit back at Conservative candidate Boris Johnson’s first party election broadcast – something that would not have been allowed on TV, with its strict rules on balance.

…The Johnson campaign takes the web just as seriously as their rivals, but they began the race with a different set of challenges. The former Spectator editor was already a minor cult figure on the internet – thanks to his chat show appearances and outspoken journalism.
The trick was to convert that interest into something more concrete – by signing people up to online supporters network Team Boris, for example, which currently has more than 9,000 members.

“We say Boris is going to be in a certain area and when we get there, there is a really good group of people who have found out through Facebook or Twitter or by text messsage,” says a campaign aide.

Having glanced at Wikipedia, there’s probably a secret war of amends and re-amends taking place just on their two pages.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Could the web win it in London?


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