Twistori is a new social/art experiment by Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs that distills the thoughts, feelings, and hopes expressed in twitters around the world, running them in an ongoing ticker on The site, following closely in the footsteps of Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar’s “We Feel Fine” project, picks out six keywords – love, hate, think, believe, feel, wish – from all the free-floating twitters buzzing about the web and runs them in a constant stream of anonymous tweets, divided by keyword. Drawing data from the Twitter search engine Summize, Twistori is a pretty captivating diversion; a quick scan of the “believe” section revealed one person’s excitement over a new episode of Law & Order (“I believe I’m watching the best ep of Law and Order SVU EVER!!!!”), another’s relief after semester finals (“I believe I pulled off a B in Corporate Finance.”), and yet another’s simple proclamation of hope (“I believe!!!!!”).

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