Vice Magazine Global Trend Report ’08

Vice Magazine Global Trend Report ’08
Orli Sharaby
  • 28 april 2008

Vice Magazine has released their global trend report for 2008, and PSFK thought it would be a fun idea to do a little comparison with last year’s report, which we covered back in February 07.


2007: Ecstasy and ketamine are really big again because London coke is so bad and expensive. This means girls are starting to wear white oversize Katherine Hamnett shirts that say “Love” in big bold black print, accessorised with eight-hole Dr. Martens and leggings.

2008: These young ladies all go to live shows at Rough Trade stores and carry tote bags. The overriding look is a cartoonish imbalance between tiny, skinny, Lycra-clad legs and huge bomber jackets. This lack of proportion can be evened out with the careful application of fucking massive loose-laced Docs.


2007: Boys here are really hairy lately. A good rule of thumb is shave on Monday and let it grow until Saturday, when it will be perfect. We’re also beginning to see long, chin-length locks a lot more often. Also still hanging on, but probably on the way out soon, are old men’s hats like fedoras, trilbies, and bee-bops. Jeans are mostly dark, raw denim and skinny.

2008: Do you skate and listen to Children of Bodom? Then we guarantee you have a lifetime supply of plaid shirts and plaid jackets in your closet. Guys like this are always surrounded by a crew of nicely groomed male “fans” who either work at Opening Ceremony or desperately try to look like they do.

TOKYO Girls:

2007: The girls have been wearing a lot of high, thick heels or wedges with skinny jeans or overalls. Either that, or brightly colored skirts and leggings, like our model here. Go for a thin V-neck top with a small and cute single-diamond necklace.

2008: Compared to the boys, girls are practically funereal, with tons of black, gray, and white and just a hint of color. Bagginess is a big factor for girls, like Ayaka here in a huge men’s Gap sweatshirt worn like a dress, with a big scarf thrown around her neck loosely to emphasize the bagginess. Leggings and engineer boots tighten the bottom half, getting a good loose vs. tight balance.

Vice Magazine Global Trend Report 2008

Vice Magazine Global Trend Report 2007

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