We like Drew Burrows' “In Bed” installation, recently on view at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program Spring Show. The interactive piece features the artist's virtual girlfriend, a 2-D rendering of a lifesize woman who lies in bed and snuggles with whomever wants to keep her company. The artist explains on his site:

The piece compares the feelings of coming home to an empty bed versus coming home to a bed with someone in it asleep but happy that you are joining them. These two situations are profoundly different and the installation invites a viewer to experience and consider the emotions associated with both. In the piece a person climbs into an empty bed with a projected woman sleeping on it. Though the bed is empty, the projection gives the feeling of having someone there beside them. As the person climbs into the bed the projected woman moves close to cuddle and reacts accordingly as the person moves around on the bed. I wanted to give both the sensations of being alone and having someone in the bed with the viewer at the same time. The aim of the piece was to speak on the feelings of loneliness, affection, and intimacy.

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