A study by WRAP of 2,138 UK households suggests that Britons dump £9bn of avoidable waste each year – a high percentage of which was food. 60% of dumped food is untouched and and at least £1bn worth of food wasted in the UK is still “in date”. Some key findings:

Bakery goods made up 19%, by weight, of all avoidable food waste. Vegetables contributed 18%. Meat and fish also made up a large proportion – 18% – of the total money wasted on food. 5,500 whole chickens were thrown away each day in the UK. “Mixed foods” like ready meals made up 21% of the total cost of waste, with 440,000 thrown away each day. The two most significantly wasted foods were potatoes and bread. 1.3m unopened yoghurt pots are disposed every day

WRAP’S Report

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