First dates usually suck…that is unless you’re paddling through Class 3 whitewater rapids! River Runners Adventure Dating is a new dating service that’s helping lonely endorphin-junkies find their true loves. River Runners hosts Adventure Dates every Sunday, in which daters are taken on a rafting adventure through Browns Canyon by River Runners tour guides, and can take things to the next level at the natural hot springs at Mt Princeton Hot Springs Resort. Psychological studies have shown that high-stress situations result in a change in hormonal balance that makes people feel more bonded to those they share the experience with (they’ve found that sexual attraction between them is markedly heightened, as well). Adventure dating, then, seems like a great way to get things started – though we wonder if daters will be forced to seek more adrenaline-raising adventures to keep the fire going. Currently, River Runners only offers their dating adventures in Colorado, though we see the concept being pretty portable. (Anyone up for an intimate evening of skyscraper scaling in Shanghai, free diving in Belize?…)

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