We talked about this idea a year ago, and we're happy to see it take off: Lego, Europe’s biggest toymaker, will soon be launching their newest foray into the digital world- Lego Universe, a massive multiplayer online game where players can create Lego versions of themselves and virtually socialize. The game, currently designed for PCs only, is a Lego/real-world hybrid, players using their virtual money to buy ‘bricks' and build capital. Though the game requires pay-as-you-go subscription, the accumulation of virtual money isn't based on real cash, but rather time spent and participation in Lego Universe. The game will be available for download or purchase through Lego stores. As Mark William Hansen, the head of the Lego Universe project, explained to Reuters: “The more a child plays, they collect more coins and more bricks. The more you play, the more you get to build things. We want kids to come and play together.”

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