Bikes School Rush Hour Traffic on LA Freeways

Bikes School Rush Hour Traffic on LA Freeways
Christine Huang
  • 14 may 2008

Last Friday, a good odd 30 bicyclists (and a few rollerbladers) hit the freeways in Los Angeles, zipping past hundreds of gridlocked cars during rush-hour traffic. The first time Crimanimal Mass took to the freeways for the same pro-bike demonstration, it was captured on video (watch it below). As LAist points out, while the event was far from legal, it was pretty darn effective in raising awareness about the state of transportation in LA:

Whizzing by gridlocked cars, the demonstration, albeit illegal, raises questions. Good questions. One of the group’s organizers, Morgan Strauss, 29, was quoted in the Santa Monica Daily Press (.pdf) this weekend saying that he “just wanted to raise questions about the transportation infrastructure. In a city ruled by cars, why is it that you can get places faster on bikes?”

LAist: Photos From Friday’s Freeway Ride


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