Last night, the staff at embarked on an ambitious experiment: they would stay up all night at the CH offices, from 9pm – 9am, creating editing and broadcasting 10 original content videos for their Hardly Working series, all the while live broadcasting (via webcam) the entire experience and interacting with an online chat room full of sleepless CH fans. We paid a visit to the site devoted to the event at around 1130pm and were instantly hooked. At the time, CollegeHumor co-founder Ricky Van Veen was fielding rapid-fire questions and comments (and even some demands) being made by members of the live chat, ranging from “What college did you go to?” to “Will you hire me?!?” to much less PG-rated discussion. Though nothing appeared planned or scripted, the show was consistently entertaining; from trivia tests to impromptu wrestling to casual banter, the night's events felt like a real-time interactive comedy show, captivating us for a good hour and a half. Though we weren't partaking, members of the live chat seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the immediate interaction with the website's stars and writers and the webcam's uniquely candid view into CollegeHumor and its content creators. At one point in the night, over 2,000 watchers were participating in the live chat, some talking to one another, while others were “LOLing” over (or dissing) the action being captured through the webcam. In the morning, we saw that 10 movies had indeed been produced, some of which were actually quite ingenious despite (or maybe due to?) the staff's sleep deprivation. We're not sure if this will be a reoccurring event, but we hope to see more entertainment sites trying out interactive events like this soon. Watch one of their late-night creations here:

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