PSFK noticed a number of furniture companies at this years ICFF bucking the trend to move production to China and instead commit to producing their products in the USA. What makes the story even more interesting is many have gone beyond just setting up a factory and providing local jobs. The three we spoke with are all making use of sustainable materials in their products and working to be more socially responsible.

New York City based ducduc produces a range of furniture for kids and adults. The line has a clean and modern style mixed with bright colors and elements of interactivity. The company manufacturers all the furniture in a factory they renovated in Connecticut. Having the factory close by allows ducduc to offer customers the ability to customize any of the pieces it offers. They also feel it’s the only way they can truly control their manufacturing processes and impact on the environment eliminating the chance lead based paint could used. The factory has also has a big impact on the community. ducduc is committed to offering living wages and providing health care benefits for it’s workers.

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