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LOURENÇO: Good morning. I’m the only one that would be talking about stuff going on outside the US. Granted this country moves the masses. A lot of what's been happening in Brazil has tickled to this country, in the arts, sports, fashion. Focus is on Brazil, powerhouse of the region. It has continental dimensions, 4th largest country in the world. Hard to get a grasp of consumer behavior. 84% of this population is low income, make $2.80 a day. Researchers hardly go out to understand them. The northeast region is growing at 9% where there’s a strong concentration of poor. More stable macroenomic conditions, controlling inflation, giving the poor purchasing power never seen before. Brands are being challenged to add value added price. We pack our bags and live with these people in their natural habitats. Fifteen minute film we shot in Sao Paulo. Stress, insecurity, generalized chaos that plagues the continent’s capital city. (SHOWS FILM.) Let me introduce you to La Boca, a famous neighborhood in Buenos Aires – Nike saw brilliant opportunity for soccer. Enter La Boca – the breath that breathes soccer. Barrio Bontio – Beautiful Barrio: icons, advertising, history and art pertaining to soccer. Because a must see in every city guide, gave Nike more authority in creating soccer. Rio is the most beautiful city in the world, surrounding it is shantytowns. They’re huge, and there’s dozens. It’s where the drug trade is centralized. It’s no man’s land for tourists and police. The dream has become a drug lord or a soccer player. They come up with their own forms of artistic expression. Funk is one of those forms. Mixed with monotonous lyrics about sex and violence, danced by mix your booty – sent to Europe and other parts of the world. As a result of that phenomenon – the rear end is sacred to Brazilians – (look up Swartzenegger and Brazil). Brand Rio put out jeans with spandex, accentuates the curves. Gang pants are sent by word of mouth. Made it to the US and Europe over night, people are buying this new bizarre fashion statement. Like the sandals that the helper around the house wore. Sell for 30 Euros in Paris, in Brazil for $5. I encourage you to come down, even a pair of gang pants, feel free to get in touch.

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