Is technology enabling amateur DJs to work on hype alone? Is it muddling the skills it once took to be called a DJ? With the barrier to entry now ripped away by easy to use software and gadgets, what does it all mean? The DJ community is wondering if technology is destroying the art of DJing.

Veteran DJ Ali On The Air vents her frustration to her blog readers:

It seems that with the nightly dance parties in heavy supply, anyone, and I do mean anyone, with a laptop and i tunes is now a DJ. So where does that leave the DJs who have been doing it for years? What does it mean to be a DJ? Is it style? Are you a DJ if you can scratch? Is it substance? Does being a DJ constitute having a good selection and crate digging your heart out? Or can you get by if you get the crowd to dance by playing Thriller and Justice off your Nano? And is it any great feat to get a bunch of kids cracked out on Sparks to sway and slam to a beat? Ugh.

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