Interesting thoughts from Nick Currie's blog, playing off a Vito Acconci rant about the changing concepts of cities and locality: He proposes that being in the physical space of a city becomes less relevant when you can have all of the information and idea-resources at your fingertips with a computer.

“A computer makes a city seem almost unnecessary,” Acconci says. “If you can have all the information in front of you on a computer, do you need the actual city? The notions of a city now don't seem as separate from notions of “suburb” and notions of “rural” as they used to. “City” is seen to be spreading… maybe a city starts to be more portable. If you can carry all the information from a city, does that mean you carry the city with you rather than you go into a city? Do you carry your own city, does each person now have the possibility of carrying a portable city rather than installing himself or herself in an actual city?”

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