Russell Davies has an essay over on his site about Pre-Experience Design and advertising. In it, he takes a look at advertising that appears very educational, like the Apple iPhone commercials, and says that they convey a sense of the simplicity of the product, positively improving expectations about how the experience is going to be. But there’s a problem because designers and product developers don’t work with marketers to collaborate on ‘expectation design’. He says:

Coffee served with fancy condiment dispensers nearby is reported as tasting better than the same coffee served next to tatty condiments. The price you pay for a drug alters its efficacy. If you want people to enjoy the wine you serve you’re better off investing in elegant glasses than decent wine. This is not new news. This is just how the brain works. Our feelings, our ‘experience of experiences’ is shaped by our expectations and it would sensible, if we’re trying to create great experiences, that we align the expectations to help the case we want to make.

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