PSFK discovered vibrantBrains, the Bay Area's first “brain gym”, while putting together PSFK Snapshot SF. We took time out to talk to Lisa Schoonerman and Jan Zivic, co-founders of vibrantBrains, to learn about the growing industry of services and products catering to those trying to stay as mentally fit as physically.

What is vibrantBrains? How did vibrantBrains come about?

Simply put, vibrantBrains is a brain gym. Our members exercise, flex and strengthen their brains in an attractive, casual environment where they can work hard, take breaks in our lounge, and have a chat with other members. In our vibrantBrains Neurobics Circuit, we offer a variety of scientifically validated software exercises, all developed and vetted by scientists. This circuit training targets specific cognitive skills, such as short-term and working memory, attention and focus, processing speed, visual-spatial, language and quantitative skills, and reasoning. Just as we need to strengthen our bodies with stretching and weight-bearing exercises, we need to strengthen our brains with cognitive exercises. In addition to these exercises, we offer classes, including the Memory Training Course from the University of California at Los Angeles, based on research conducted by memory expert Dr. Gary Small, Posit Science's Brain Fitness Program, and “Minding Your Mind”, which is a helpful stress management and focus tool. We also host a monthly Science Salon Series, where we feature prominent scientists, doctors, and authors speaking on a variety of topics pertaining to brain health. Often, they are available to sign their most recently published books.

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