Group blogs have proven popular within the street culture community. Since Honeyee, we’ve seen a slew of others come and go. The latest group blog to launch is called “Fire walk With me” and comes courtesy of Black Lodges, Steven Vogel’s online editorial project.

Having quite literally written the book on the subject, Vogel has amassed a network of industry heavy hitters.With perspectives from people like Brian Siswojo (852), Bob Kronbauer (Mumble Magazine), Dave Ortiz (DQM), Erik Brunetti (Fuct), and many more, “Fire walk with me” broadcasts the creatively diverse and global voice of the streetwear community. While content is a bit light at the moment, we’ll give it some time to get the momentum going. However, one suggestion we’d like to offer is to add RSS feeds to all the blogs. We’re sure the kids wouldn’t have it any other way.

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