Over the past few years, gaming has evolved into a mainstream social activity. Thanks in large part to the Nintendo Wii, video games have come out of the basement and into the living room. Last year, they even made it into bars at Wiimbledon, a Wii tennis tournament held in Brooklyn. While it was no Championship Gaming Series, Wiimbledon let “casual gamers” show off their geeky athleticism on a national stage.

Now Wiimbledon is back for a second year, capping off New York’s Internet Week (Wiik?) on Saturday, June 7th. Like last time, it will be at Barcade in Brooklyn and will be as much as style as skill. Contestants will be competing to win in a number of prize catagories including the Sampras Has Back Hair Award for Best Costume, the McEnroe Was a Dick Award for Most Dangerous Player, and the Andre Agassi Memorial Mullet Award for Most Stylish Player. Besides 15 seconds of fame, you could win tickets to the Brooklyn Cyclones, Brunswick Wii Bowling Bags and Prince tennis rackets. The competition will likely be fierce. Last year we spotted Mario and Luigi, the “A” and “B” controller buttons, lots of 70s-style sweatbands, and general Halloween-like self-decoration.

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