A Physical and Virtual Run Through Florence

A Physical and Virtual Run Through Florence
Christine Huang
  • 26 june 2008

We like Marnix de Nijs‘ latest work, Exploded Views – Remapping Firenze, an interactive art installation now showing at the Centre for Contemporary Culture Strozzina in Florence. The piece consists of two treadmills positioned in front of a large screen displaying real-life and digital renderings of Florence’s streets, sidewalks, and buildings. Viewers are asked to climb on the treadmill and start “exploring” the city – the pace at which they walk/run determining the sort of trip they experience. A slow stroll gives viewers a familiar, realistic look at the city, but once they quicken their pace, runners enter a fantastical Florence, a futuristic look at the city under the influences of rapid growth, modernization, and globalization.

(De Nijs earlier work, entitled Run, Motherfucker Run, took viewers through a similar running challenge, though that time amidst the streets of Rotterdam, in which they were faced with various on-screen obstacles they had to navigate around.)
The exhibition is open until June 30 at Centre for Contemporary Culture Strozzina in Palazzo Strozzi, Florence. Watch a video explaining its inspiration below.

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