We checked out “Dance Robot Dance” last night, Saatchi & Saatchi and Make Magazine‘s Internet Week party at the Saatchi Gallery in NYC, a mini-Maker Faire celebrating DIY crafts, innovative hacks and technology. Makers from around the world came to exhibit their latest inventions and concepts, from Gak-like slime that conducts electricity (and produces music!) to Bug Labs' modular gadget platform. It was like a county science fair for grown-ups and we were wowed by nearly everything we saw – but one of our favorites was Amy Parness and Ariel Churi's DIY Electronics Kit, a starter pack to help kids (and amateur geeks like myself!) learn about switches, diodes, transistors, regulators, and more in a safe, simple way. The kit features small packets, neatly labeled with all the equipment you need to start tinkering with LEDs and other basic electronics. You can purchase the $50 set at the Makershed store.

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