“You are what you eat” is one of the main principles behind UNKL 347, Indonesia’s independent clothing pioneer. But “eating” in its case refers to the Warholian consumption of pop culture. In keeping with its of-the-moment ethos, 347 has seen three variations of its name over the years since the brand emerged in 1996, with each name change reflecting its revamped identity.

The brand started out as 347 boardrider, a reflection of the founders’ roots in made-to-order fashion inspired by their love for surfing and skateboarding. It then evolved into 347/EAT, in recognition of the influence that international pop culture was having on the brand. And now, in its most recent iteration, they go by UNKL 347, the brand having established itself over the years as a well-known influencer in its own right in Indonesia (“After ten years, friends called us uncle”).

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