Jay Z's appearance at Glastonbury as the headline act caused a lot of debate in the UK. Some wondered what a rap act was doing in the preserve of rock – but others, including Jay Z, called this debate discriminatory. Ruby Pseudo has a great though piece on the subject:

I don’t personally understand the raw backlash of giving the main slot to a Hip Hop artist, especially as that artist is Jay Z, one of the most diverse, innovative rapper there has ever been. He has collaborated with the likes of Linkin Park, Punjabi MC and Amy Winehouse to name a few, and it is clear that he is not musically constrained to any particular movement. This hostile response is all the more disturbing in my mind, as Glasto has always promoted itself as a festival of all musics and performers, yet the outcry from the core fans, festival goers and traditionalists clearly shows the fear of change within these fundamental ranks.

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