How We Carry Our Mobile Phones

How We Carry Our Mobile Phones
Christine Huang
  • 26 june 2008

Here’s an interesting study of cellphone carrying behaviors around the world from Jan Chipchase and Fumiko Ichikawa‘s presentation to Nike Tokyo Design Studio. We don’t often stop to think about the way we carry our phones, the devices having become second skin to most of us. But here Chipchase, who travels the world conducting research for Nokia Design, sheds light on the variation in these practically unconscious decisions of where we put our phones, how we carry them, and why. Through studying the carrying patterns of thousands of mobile phone owners in Asia, Europe, North and South America, and Africa, Chipchase and Ichikawa reveal some noticeable differences, including:

– 80% of Women in Milan carry their phones in their bags, while only 30% of Women in Los Angeles do (studies also reveal that 50% of people who put their phones in their bags report frequently or always missing calls or SMSes, versus 30% of people who carry them in their pockets)

– In several developing countries, including India, China, and Brazil, many users carry more than one mobile device to optimize their communication costs by buying multiple SIM cards from different operators

– The clamshell phone design is used by domestic Chinese brands to target women, with a large offering of accompanying cases and mini-carriers available to buy at street markets and in stores

One of our favorite slides in the whole presentation, and that serves as a nice summary of what mobile phone designers can learn from these small habits points out, quite simply: “The easiest way to never forget – is to have nothing to remember.”

To learn more, watch the slideshow below, or download it here.

[via FuturePerfect]

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