We've covered a number of public bike share systems in the past. Montreal is now introducing a system of their own that enables users rent an aesthetically reasonable bike from any station within the network and return it to any other station of their choice. Aptly called the Public Bike System, the setup differentiates itself from similar concepts in the amount of trust it relinquishes to the public and the efficiency in its construction.

The entire system is run on solar-power, uses wireless communication, and is completely modular. Stations can simply be dropped off at any destination with next to no infrastructure required. And because all the bikes are include RFID tags, both users and management can find out in real time the number of bikes and parking spots currently available at any station. This ability to monitor its inventory in real time, coupled with the modular station components is where this system really shines. When additional bikes or parking spaces are required, additional bikes can be deployed and the stations be expanded in a matter of minutes, leaving no trace of their presence once removed.

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