Partyhopping via Private Jet

Partyhopping via Private Jet
Allison Mooney
  • 16 june 2008

London’s young and restless are experts at finding the after-hours post-pub party. Now they have another way to stay out even later—change time zones.

Whisky Mist, a new club at the Hilton’s Zeta bar, now affords the latest in luxury: private jets for partygoers. They’ve tapped the Private Jet Club to whisk the wealthier among them back in time to New York or Rio to keep their nights going.

The Private Jet Club is ideal for those who crave exclusivity but can’t quite afford it. They specialize in jetpooling, which is just like carpooling. It allows you to join a booked charter or share yours with other members. The service is a mere fraction of the price (£10k to New York versus around £120k). Another nice perk is the drop in carbon emissions.

The new luxury consumer craves an experience—a golden tan over a gold necklace. Services like this one make luxury travel (slightly) more attainable for the less-moneyed masses. Still, for the most of us it’s likely to be a staycation this year.

Via Urban Junkies London


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