Permablitz is a group of Australians who help turn suburban gardens into “permaculture systems” – edible gardens. Their ultimate aim is to make the suburbs edible enough so that we could withstand a food crisis without really noticing.

Recently 40 Permablitzers visited Noble Park in Sydney and transformed the back gardens of locals with:

A 3 terraced vege bed was created in the backyard’s sunniest area A swale pathway to the chook house, about 20cm deep and filled with woodchips, was created to catch water high up in the sloped backyard. Another terraced, no-dig vege garden was created down-hill from the swale-path A small team began the building of the chook house Fruit trees were planted and/or sheet-mulched and fertilised A chook run was created along the back fence, amongst the fruit trees Stumps and some lovely ornamentals (eg. hibiscus) were removed, to be repaced by fruit/berries in the near future. – Home

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