PSFK Conference San Francisco Speaker Josh Morenstein

PSFK Conference San Francisco Speaker Josh Morenstein
Molly Rosenberg
  • 27 june 2008

Josh Morenstein, Design Director of fuseproject, will be joining our “Making Inspiration Matter” panel at PSFK Conference San Francisco 2008. Along with Frank Striefler (TBWA\Chiat Day), Eric Corey Freed of organicARCHITECT and moderated by Gareth Kay (Modernista), the panel will discuss how inspiration can be used to create change.

First, who are you and what do you do?

My name is Josh Morenstein. As the Design Director at fuseproject, I run a creative team of about 30 people which is composed of brand strategists, architects and fashion, product and graphic designers. In between leading projects, I make sure every project in the studio is surpassing the clients’ goals.

You’ll be speaking on our “Making Inspiration Matter” panel. Can you sum up your views on how you and others take inspiration and create change in your industry and beyond?

I used to keep a sketchbook next to my bed because as I was falling asleep, I would get ideas and I was afraid I wouldn’t remember them when I woke the next day. Thankfully, I’m not quite that tightly wound these days. Instead, I now trust that ideas and creativity will come. To be fair, this question is a bit ‘bigger’ than one paragraph but I will say that inspiration is about ideas… hopefully good ones. As a designer, I try to take these good ideas—the ones that push or evolve the way we see things and shape them into products and stories that resonate with people.

Five sites that provide you with inspiration:

The Sartorialist
MoCo Loco

Thanks, Josh!


Why not hear more from Josh at PSFK Conference San Francisco 2008?

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