Robotic Teddy Bear w/ Built in Navigation System

Robotic Teddy Bear w/ Built in Navigation System
Design & Architecture
Jeff Squires
  • 4 june 2008

Yesterday, engineers at iXs Research Corporation unveiled a 1ft tall robotic teddy bear with a built in navigation system. Using the 6 joints in its arms and neck, the bear makes gestures that correlate with the verbal directions it dispenses. The bear also includes a sensor that detects reckless driving – if the driver suddenly accelerates or hits the brakes, the bear says “watch out.” The bear will even ask if you’ve been drinking if it smells any booze. If you stroke it’s head, it provides information about nearby landmarks.

The company has plans to develop a range of bears that come in different shapes, sizes, and characters and hope to make the robot available sometime next year.

[via Pink Tentacle]

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