Taking The Internet To The Streets

Taking The Internet To The Streets
Dan Gould
  • 13 june 2008

is a Barcelona based collective who organize and create independent community media projects. With the motto of “taking the internet to the streets” they’ve started a venture called The Bank Of Common Knowledge.

Through a series of events called Free Knowledge Markets, the Bank uses open source ethics in knowledge transmission. They’re evoking the internet’s’ spirit of sharing by teaching free public accessible classes in a wide variety of subjects (from gardening to microphone building), and with video tutorials.

We Make Money Not Art reports:

Inspired by an Internet shaped by the collective effort of thousands of distributed agents who publicly shared their knowledge to achieve a common goal, the BCK project is based on the firm belief that creating, sharing, transmitting and exchanging knowledge in the public sphere is a key element to the growth and development of our societies.

The Bank of Common Knowledge exports the dynamics of Free Culture and the Copyleft philosophy to general processes of knowledge generation and transmission among citizens. Work processes and methodologies are researched while the production of content, mutual education and citizen participation is carried out for the purpose of giving free access to the knowledge generated by the communities in which the Common Knowledge Bank is installed.

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