Belkin's GoStudio, to be released in Sept/Oct, is set to blow all other iPod audio recording auxiliaries out of the water. The $120 device is compatible with the iPod Classic, 2G and 3G nanos, and the 5G iPod. It's a steal compared to similar devices already in the market (many of which cost upwards of $300), and they seem to have covered all their bases to ensure clear, high-quality, sound recordings.

Clips are stored in the iPod's memory as 16-bit, 44.1 kHz WAV files and can be immediately played back through GoStudio's included speaker. Also included in the system are two stereo microphones, as well as multiple gain control options that help keep sound levels stays stable, whether recording a large outdoor concert, a one-on-one interview, or inputting sound from a line-level analog source, like an instrument.

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