Nitrogen trifluoride, or NF3 is a chemical found in LCD panels. It was found by a recent study to have a global climate impact 17,000 times greater than the much maligned carbon dioxide. The chemical stays in the atmosphere for 550 years and there is no known way to remove it. Production on NF3 is predicted to double in 2009 due in part to the digital television switch which will lead to increased LCD consumption.

Triple Pundit reports:

How companies are going to respond is up in the air. It is cheaper for companies to create NF3 in a way that produces more emissions. Companies could engineer their products to emit less of the chemical, an appropriate response that would please green buyers. However, the cost of doing so may be significant. On top of that, convincing the consumer why this is environmentally positive may be difficult, making the reward far less great. While the environmental impacts and production amounts of the chemical are known, companies may also want to know how much of the gas is present in the air, numbers which the study says have not been gathered. Perhaps atmospheric measurements that might stir public outcry and convince companies to change.

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