The people at The Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company have taken sustainability to the next level, creating various stationary products from dried elephant dung. However, the companies’ mission has a purpose beyond making a functional product from elephant poo. The stationary goods are part of a creative sustainable cycle in which portions of their profits are contributed to elephant welfare and conservation. Not only do they save trees, but also the elephants themselves are benefited.

Their paper making process is quite fascinating – the elephant dung is collected from various conservation parks which is then dried, washed, and eventually processed into paper sheets that are made into products ranging from notebook journals to photo albums. Over 10 standard sized journals are produced from a single piece of poo. Each product comes with an informative booklet of the unique production process as well as tidbits about elephant conservation, making the stationary both functional and educational. And no, the paper does not smell of poo! Visit their Poo-tique for more information about their products.

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