The eye-catching Glinter Soft Drink has recently hit the shelves of Shanghai super markets, introducing a more visually appealing soft drink alternative. Unlike the typical aluminum can used by Coke or Sprite, this Malaysian-made beverage is encased by a transparent plastic design, which is intended to cater to Asia’s growing youth population.

Available in four different flavors – Orange, Peach, Green Apple and Lychee – Glinter uses no artificial coloring and replaces the normal white sugar with fructose along with natural fruit extracts and flavorings. Although labeled as a soft drink, Glinter seems to fall somewhere in between a soft drink and flavored sparkling water. The can is in the typical serving of 12 oz. with writing in both English and Japanese, not to mention the “Don’t Litter, Please Recycle” inscribed on the top of the can.

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