Jen Carlson over at Gothamist has an inspiring interview with Philippe Petit – a guy who spent his life walking high wires. In this interview his words transport you to the wire between the two World Trade towers in 1974 and just as the reader gets a sense of vertigo he holds your hand and explains that every step wasn’t a move closer to fear but to joy and elation.

That first step was a giant moment for me: I was finally stepping in to my dream. So I remember that vividly. And at some point I stopped on the wire and I sat down, and I looked down all the way – a 1/4 mile to the empty plaza below – and I stopped and saw the crowd gathering around that plaza… I was extremely happy after all those years of dreaming and months of working on it, that now the dream was reality…. I felt an immense elation, and that I was actually venturing in another world. Literally a world where man is not really allowed. There was some turbulence also, where the air current was moving me around, so it was another world and I was an explorer there.

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