Some of you may have noticed a few recent changes at PSFK. Simply we relaunched our IF! marketing subscriber-only site as Marktd the free-for-all site. I did this for a number of reasons:

Mainly because IF! stopped being good. Yes, we had several hundred paying subscribers but in the end it was several hundred. When anything you wrote on could be read by to 10,000 readers on a given day – it was hard to dedicate a lot of time on a site that might be read by hundreds (despite Henry Lambert’s great support). It was hard/embarrassing to interview people or write exclusive content for a site that wasn’t read by many people. It was even more difficult to find new writers for IF! As folks were paying, we felt that everything we wrote on IF! had to be serious and helpful. We missed the quips, the anger, the projects, the digs, the random crap. Too much content on PSFK was/is about advertising and marketing. I know some people have a hard time distinguishing the difference between the two but it should go like this: PSFK covers trends and ideas that are culturally relevant. Advertising / marketing is very rarely culturally relevant. This actually is the second version of Marktd. Our trial with Marktd 1.0 ended with a deluge of spam and somehow Google didn’t care. The Digg like site attracted a lot of folks in Indonesia and India intent on hitting with it with links to crap. Oddly, it’s Google Ranking improved with the absence of marketing content. The Digg like community aspect of Marktd 1.0 didn’t appeal to marketers. See what I wrote about this earlier here. We still think there is a lot to be improved with creative thinking. We launched IF! to suggest ideas and stimulate advertising and marketing thinkers. Marktd will continue to do so. I think there is a lot to be improved with advertising and marketing trade press. We launched IF! to suggest ideas and stimulate advertising and marketing thinkers. The trade press continues to fail to. I think Marktd is going to be a little more memorable than It also can live by itself one day if needs be. I want Marktd to become a leading voice in creative ideas in the same way has become a leading voice in trends and inspiration.

So, I need some help. We need content for Martkd. Great content not “here’s the latest campaign” type content. Check the contact details over on Marktd for information.

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