Waterproofing Electronics – Does it work?

Nicko Margolies
  • 23 july 2008

A company called Golden Shellback and the Northeast Maritime Institute have developed a coating for electronics that makes them impervious to liquids, dirt and other notorious gadget killing criminals. Supposedly, this magic material can be applied to any electronic device in a vacuum and will seal up the components while retaining their full functionality. It’s marketed as a “Splash Proof Coating” but the company claims the coating is so tough, it kept a CB radio running underwater for 455 consecutive hours. As much as we’d like to believe their claims, we remain a bit skeptical after finding a recent company tweet that suspiciously assured us, “it’s real… we promise ;)”

Through the flurry of skepticism, the company has posted a video proving its technique in action. Behold:

Golden Shellback Waterproof Coating from on Vimeo.

Before we do a victory dance, we’ll personally have to see this stuff in action.
[via Gizmodo and gCaptain]

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