Gary Hustwit, director of the documentary Helvetica, has officially announced that he is working on a follow up film, Objectified, about industrial design. The documentary, which is set to premiere in early 2009, will explore our relationship with everyday objects, everything from radios to toothbrushes, and those individuals responsible for designing them.

According to Hustwit:

Those of you who followed the making of my first film, Helvetica, know that the reason I make these films is not that I have a comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter. I wasn’t an expert on graphic design, and I’m certainly not an expert on industrial design. But they’re both fields that fascinate me, and that I want to learn more about. I’m interested in industrial designers because their work influences so many aspects of our world yet most of the time it’s taken for granted. And I think that, especially today, it’s crucial for us to re-examine how we make and use consumer products at every level.

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