PICNIC’08: Collaborative Creativity

PICNIC’08: Collaborative Creativity
Arts & Culture
Matthias Weber
  • 28 july 2008

PICNIC is a three day gathering of creative people in Amsterdam. The event is in its third year and brings together some of the most interesting media entrepreneurs, thinkers and creators to share their experience and stories.

The conference has a neat design which is kept in an all-green picnic style, about 1,500 delegates from all over the world are attending. There are also PICNIC Specials: seminars, lectures and round table discussions that follow each year’s theme deeper. Practical workshops are part of the PICNIC Labs and help refine ideas or come up with creative business concepts. Their site says:

The main theme of PICNIC’08 is “Collaborative Creativity” in its many guises. We will look at new and connected forms of intelligence and creativity, from the fields of entertainment, science, the arts and business. From the global brain to crowd-sourced design, from data visualization techniques to fostering creativity; from connected cities to connected souls: in a series of ground-breaking presentations, discussions and debates we will explore the future of collaborative creativity and its implications for us all.

The next PICNIC will be held 24-26 September 2008. PSFK Germany will be there. If you are, too, drop us a line!



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