Internet names seem to capture the zeitgeist of the moment. Take, for example, Google, Yahoo, Lycos… all nonsense names that captured the futuristic, never before seen-or-heard quality of web 2.0 at that time. While we still see some of these popping up (Zynga?), the latest are more self-directed.

First, it was “i” as in iLike, iMeem, and, of course, iPod/iTunes/iPhone. I am the center of the digital web that I spin. I customize, personalize and commoditize. Then we noticed “u” as in uLocate, uStream and u-banana (where sports and music meet!). The subtext is: It's all about “you,” user. You are in control of your web experience! User: why yes, it IS all about me! Which leads us to me. Not me, but “me” as in Apple's MobileMe and .me domains, which were both born last week. The rush on .me domains caused GoDaddy to GoCrazy, proving that these will be the next in internet “it” names.

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