We are excited to have Amit Gupta of Photojojo joining us at PSFK Conference San Francisco 2008 on our “San Francisco Snapshot” panel,where passionate locals, including Liz Dunn of FunnyOrDie and Jeremy Townsend of The Ghetto Gourmet (led by moderator Colin Nagy of Attention) will discuss what makes the Bay Area tick and what aspects of SF/Bay Area culture inspire them the most.

First, who are you and what do you do?

Hi. My name’s Amit Gupta. I am a creative, hard-working, honest young man who likes to create fun things online. I run a company called Photojojo, we’re the world’s awesomest photography newsletter. We’re also working on a book that will be published by Random House next year, and some new ways for people to have fun with photography online. I’ve started a lot of different projects and companies, and am always working on something new. Most recently, I started a casual coworking event called Jelly while living in NYC. Since then, it’s spread to 20 cities around the world and been on the Today Show, Wired, NPR (twice), etc.

You’ll be speaking on our “San Francisco Snapshot” panel. Can you explain what you find inspirational about the Bay Area and why? What makes it different than any other place in the world?

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