At PSFK Conference SF, Josh Handy (Creative Director, Industrial Design) and Nate Pence (Creative Director, Brand Communications) of Method shared their insights on how design can mirror and shape an organization. Some of their key points:

Make products that create a demand. Try to bring green to the mass market. Be bold, friendly, something to talk about – unique in a sea of sameness. Compete at the shelf level through good design (can't outspend the competition). The launch of Clorox GreenWorks spent more that the entirety of Method's marketing budget for the last 7 years of its existence. Open plan office, flat hierarchy. Put creativity at the center of the company; Method has no creative department because it's a creative company. Collaborate – on Method's WikiWall everyone gets to comment on projects. Live the values and make sure everyone knows them. Ten Rules for Designing the Method Way: Consumers buy a product, advocates buy a philosophy (do what's right for your brand, publish your beliefs). Be provocative (just do it and deal with the fall out). Make things that are fun to use. Style and substance. Make something that looks good, is safe and works. Be different and better. The brand always comes first. Stand for something. Copy should be short and funny. If you have to explain why it's cool, it's not. Be bold. Be happy. (built a pop-up store in Boston designed like a candy store)

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