At PSFK Conference SF, Gareth Kay (Modernista, Brand New), Eric Corey Freed (organicARCHITECT), Josh Morenstein (fuseproject), and Frank Striefler (TBWA\Chiat\Day & Media Arts Lab) shared their views on how people and brands can take inspiration to create change. Some key points:

A curious mind can be inspired by anything. You get inspired by adding life to your work rather than adding work to your life. Sources – a glass of wine, just before you drift off to sleep (keep a pen and paper on the nightstand), when you are clearest of thought, and alternatively, when its really stressed. Looking for other problems to transcend the mundane, grilling the client to find out what they really want. The client that tells us we can make whatever we want isn’t so great. We need some constraints. Collaborating with the client can create the kind of challenges that create great work. Constraint is liberating. Not being fearful of parameters. Designers sometimes self-impose their own constraints and need to let go of it, what assumptions do we need to reinvent? Being involved and fine tuning the product and process makes for great work. We start by trying to assume nothing, we get to know the client, begin a dialogue with the client Chiat\Day’s Disruptions. You have an obligation to do things differently. They have a history that inspires people to want to do their best work. Fostering conversations and interaction by design (big long group desks, high traffic points) Challenge your collaborators – out design me, put up or shut up Be allowed to explore ideas that will never be seen by the client. Allow people to see how they can connect the dots differently, see what you could do not what you should do. Take away the crutches – no computers, no straightedges, all freehand.

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