PSFK Conference SF Recap: Shape the World

PSFK Conference SF Recap: Shape the World
Arts & Culture
Lauren Isaacson
  • 24 july 2008

Chris Riley (Apple) talks about the three Bay Area residents that have shaped his world. Some highlights from his inspiring talk:

– You are in the crucible. The crucible of ideas.

– #1: Stuart Brand, founder of the Long Now Foundation

Trends last generations. Get the clutter of immediacy out of your world view.

  • The Well was a rejection of industrial hierarchies, leaning toward communities
  • Book to read – How Buildings Learn
  • Technologies live on top of deep long term questions and trends
  • Create dialogue and reuse things for the betterment of society

– #2: Alice Waters Bay Area chef, Chez Panisse, started the local food movement

  • Her philosophy and the philosophy of the Bay Area has spread throughout the nation
  • The US spends less on food than any other place in the world
  • Advocating a deeper and more profound relationship with food.
  • It’s not a fashion trend. If you want to lead a life of authenticity you need to have a deeper and more meaningful relationship with what we eat and where it comes from
  • Food as a social experience

– #3: Paul Hawken walked away from corporate life to write the Ecology of Commerce before it was cool.

  • Read Natural Capitalism and changed his whole life
  • The counter culture is now the culture
  • Studied the foundations of the great religions, asking two significant questions – How do we live together? How do we live with the earth?
  • There are more people participating in asking these questions than there are Catholics in the world.
  • 115,000 documents of NGOs that are dedicated to these questions
  • Book – Blessed Unrest, Web Site – Wiser Earth

If you follow these three people you’ll be on every major trend in the world.

“The crucible for much of what will steer civilization through the choppy waters of the future has been the Bay Area.”

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