At PSFK Conference SF, George Murphy (Modo Group) and John Pollard (Microsoft) discussed how Microsoft is bringing its brand to life, and how companies can use new approaches to reaching their customers by creating memorable, valuable experiences.

The equity of Microsoft is built on an iconic founder and his philanthropic work Marketing budget goes mostly to sub-brands But Microsoft hasn't reached the consumer with a brand personality Hasn't competed well in the consumer market, that has to change Must leverage the Microsoft masterbrand – create real experiences that communicate in relevant ways Break the marketing event model, have sustainable experiences Access where work and play converge Equipped the entire Hotel Sax in Chicago with Microsoft technology (home, entertainment, conferencing, computing) Also equipped the club suites at New Orleans Super Dome with Microsoft technology products Authenticity vs. Scale = hard to maintain in large brands and organizations Don't let the experience overwhelm the consumer, turns to cynicism and rejection Have an ongoing quality assurance program to insure the experience over time Meet traditional marketing metrics for internal acceptance – Effectiveness in shifting perception, Efficiency in delivering desired results and reaching target audience (reach x effect)/cost = efficiency 83% change in Microsoft perception from people who have experienced the marketing programs Not a tool or a tactic – it's an approach that reflects a new state of mind in marketing.

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