Like you, for weeks team PSFK has been looking forward to upgrading our 1.0 iPhones to the new 3G, available tomorrow. Just to make sure that the process was going to be swift – we called AT&T and found out that $199 upgrades tomorrow will not be an option for us – and probably isn't for most current iPhone users.

Reasons the AT&T rep explained why we can't get the $199 iPhone 3G:

If you signed with AT&T and purchased your first-gen iPhone less than 18 months ago (the iPhone was released in the US on Jun 29, 2007) you won't be able to get an upgrade at the $199 price until 18 months from the date you signed up. (That's March 2009 for me. MARCH 2009.) You can still buy the new 3G version – but at $399.

So loyal iPhone fans, you might want to give a call to AT&T before you get in that queue – unless you're willing to pay $200 more than the told-you-so guy next to you for your upgrade.

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