Volkswagen’s Future Mobility Vision

Volkswagen’s Future Mobility Vision
Design & Architecture
Matthias Weber
  • 3 july 2008

German car manufacturer Volkswagen have released a site called “Volkswagen 2028” that sketches a scenario of future automotive mobility, 20 years from now. The site kicks off with a short introductory movie set in the future, where a father takes a walk with his son talking about the old times where you had to search for a parking-lot. Future times according to VW are about smart, on-demand car delivery services, skinnable car exteriors and the death of traffic jams as we know them.

A series of interviews with VW researchers and designers unveil their visions of electric-driven Single Occupant Vehicles, holographic projections, gesture controlled dashboards, and emission free automobiles.

While the entire site is in German, it’s still worth having a look at their future scenarios.

Volkswagen 2028

Update: The site is also available in English. (Thanks, Janne!)

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