We Are Numbers Global Photo Project

We Are Numbers Global Photo Project
Arts & Culture
Matthias Weber
  • 28 july 2008

We Are Numbers is a fashion/art project initiated by Twan Verdonck, a young designer based in Antwerp, Belgium. It aims to celebrate being different by basically numbering ‘anyone’ or at least as many people as possible. Hereby Twan attempts to ‘recreate a new culture’. He says:

Why is this fashion system so f4ck3d up? And why are we so stupid to keep following it?

With We Are Numbers I’m trying to investigate how to create an improved fashion culture. Where the company (me) is creating only one (1!) design and tries to keep that innovative and exciting for as long as possible. Furthermore the company should be more humble. It should accept and promote that people are different. That is there no need to create an image. We are all beautiful as we are!

Everyone interested in joining the project can order a unique numbered T-Shirt for 25 Euros while Number One is hand-numbering the shirt and handling the shipping. Each participant is then assigned to take a photo or video of themselves in the numbered T-Shirt and send it back to Number One. The photo then gets published on the project site and the first 1000 participants will be featured in a book.

As of today the site features about 200 and counting submissions. Great example for playfulness and at the same time creating a very strong community amongst participants and the artist.

We Are Numbers

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