Hi, my name is Lauren Isaacson and I will be your liveblogger for this conference.

It looks like we have a really exciting program today, so stay tuned for illuminating thoughts from a diverse field of experts and innovators:

Ed Cotton of Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners and Influx Insights with be talking about trends and if and why they matter. Colin Nagy (Attention), Amit Gupta (Photojojo), Jeremy Townsend (Ghetto Gourmet), Kevin Allison (Financial Times), and Liz Dunn (Funny or Die) will be discussing San Francisco culture and how it inspires them. Chris Riley of Apple will be talking about how three San Franciscans shaped his life. Jen Beckman of 20×200 will discuss her view of how artists are using technology to influence their art and connect with their audience. Ezra Cooperstein (Current TV) and Andrew Hoppin (NASA) will describe how to shake up bureaucracies and involve your customers as collaborators. Gareth Kay (Modernista, Brand New), Eric Corey Freed (Organic Architect), Frank Striefler (Media Arts Lab) and Josh Morenstein (fuseprojects) will be publicly ruminating on making inspiration catalyze large ideas and great change. Jean-Marie Shields (Starbucks) will explain how the future will embrace brands that connect with consumers by converting ideas into Thoughtful Change. Max Schorr (GOOD Magazine) will discuss his experience in starting an idealistic magazine. Charles Ogilvie (Virgin America) will talk about innovating the airline experience. George Parker (MadScam), Adrian Ho (Zeus Jones), Mark Lewis (DDB), Lynn Casey (Team Noesis) and Rohit Bhargava (Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence) I'm sure will have a lively discussion about organizations can leverage social media and create real relationships with their consumers. George Murphy (Modo-Group) and John Pollard (Microsoft) will describe how environments and technology helped consumers connect with the brand. Josh Handy & Nate Pence (Method) will talk about how design can both mirror and shape an organization.

So keep hitting refresh for the best quotes and take-aways of the day.

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