The rumor mill has churned out an interesting bit of information. A report from Research and Markets states that Apple and Sony are hard at work developing video screen goggles. Details are sparse, but if these devices can recognize and interact with the environment they're in, it's a concrete sign we're headed for a giant leap into augmented reality computing. (the origin of the above image is unconfirmed)

From the RIM report:

“Today’s personal viewers provide video only with limited visibility of the environment. Sony and Apple are developing the next generation personal viewer, the navigation/video sunglasses. These products will offer navigation features in full see-through mode as well as video viewing with a clip-on to block the background. We expect that clip-ons will be available to provide both see-periphery views of the environment, as well as full blocking of the environment to enable video immersion when desired. This new versatile product generation will further accelerate acceptance and sales of personal viewers,” the report explains.

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