There’s been some good to and fro going on in media-land. LA Times proudly produced figures that their traffic had increased by 66% and then Gawker Media stirred the pot by pointing out that they had double the traffic with a fraction of the staff.

With an editorial staff of about 700LA Times produces 127 million page views a month, while Gawker claims to create 254 million page views amonth with 8- staff. Silicon Alley Insider published this list of traffic for their sites:

Gizmodo 73.5m Kotaku 44.3m Lifehacker 25.6m Gawker 18.9m Fleshbot 17.4m Jezebel 15.5m Consumerist 13.7m Jalopnik 13.4m Deadspin 12.6m io9 8.8m Defamer 6.4m Valleywag 3.3m

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