Coca-Cola to Fill Your Big Gulp with 100 Flavors

Coca-Cola to Fill Your Big Gulp with 100 Flavors
Christine Huang
  • 29 august 2008

Apparently, Coca-Cola is on an innovation binge! In addition to introducing new design to their bottles, the world’s largest beverage firm is planning on unveiling a proprietary fountain system capable of pouring 100+ different flavored beverages from a single unit. Though still in testing phase, these new dispensers are about the same size as the typical eight-valve ones, using higher concentrate ingredients to make it possible to cram several flavors cartridges into a small space.

AJC reports:

“Innovation is our lifeblood,” said Chris Lowe, president of the Coca-Cola North America food service and on-premise division, “and we wanted a dispenser that offers consumers greater beverage variety while helping our customers increase beverage profitability.”

Verdict: More soda flavors means more power to the consumer! Power to drink more sodas. 92 more sodas. Hm.

[via Engadget]

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